Help your children start saving early.

Our PeeWee Penguin Savings is for our young savers ages 12 and under and is designed to help young children learn to save. The minimum balance for this account is $25.00 and no fees are charged to the account. When a PeeWee account is opened, each child will receive a PeeWee Penguin Passbook, a card from PeeWee on their Birthday, and can attend our Annual PeeWee Penguin Picnic.

  • For children 12 and under.
  • $25.00 minimum balance.
  • PeeWee Penguin Passbook.
  • Birthday card from PeeWee.

Additional Youth Accounts

Young Savers Wealthbuilder Account

Our Young Savers Wealthbuilder account is designed to teach children (ages 0-17) to learn how to save.

Young Savers Certificates

Our Young Savers Certificates, for youth ages 0-17, are a fixed rate deposit account.