Start your child on the road to financial success.

Our Young Savers Wealthbuilder account is designed to teach children (ages 0-17) to learn how to save. There is no minimum deposit required to open this account. The account requires that a minimum of $2.00 per month be deposited either by automatic transfer from an adult’s account or by payroll deduction (additional deposits can be made at any time; maximum deposit of $100.00 per month). Funds are required to stay in the account for a minimum of 36 months. Early withdrawal penalty is the difference between the dividends earned in the Regular shares and the dividends earned in the Wealthbuilder account. Higher interest may be earned on this account. See a Member Services Representative for rates.

  • For children (ages 0-17).
  • No minimum balance to open.
  • Minimum of $2.00 per month be deposited.
  • Minimum of 36 months.

Additional Youth Accounts

Young Savers Certificates

Our Young Savers Certificates, for youth ages 0-17, are a fixed rate deposit account.

Peewee Penguin Accounts

Our PeeWee Penguin Savings is for our young savers ages 12 and under and is designed to help young children learn to save.